I picked up a pen and thought of you
Sitting at the table while the coffee brews

Daydreams and wonders, a smile on my face
Sweet tunes and sunlight beams fills this space

You were my favorite among the rest
Is it biased to say that you were the best?

The best I’ve ever had or something of a mess
May not be true but a very fond memory no less

I cross the line that says “but there won’t be another you”
‘Cause true to the fact there will be someone better, way better and true


If I weren’t for you and you for me

What else is there if not meant to be?

My soul that aches as I look at your eyes

They long and reach out I hear their cries

This torture, my torture, your torture we dance

The barrier that separates our bodies’ stance

What cruelty allows such punishment to endure?

The flames that is ours are bright and so pure

Would we ever meet somewhere somehow in this day and age?

Or suffer thru time and lifetimes never to engage..


How charming he sounds
Caressing my skin softly
Lingering in corners of my flesh
Inspiring my very soul
Dancing in time to his music

I close my eyes
Enveloped in his blissful melody
Of what seemed an eternity
I sigh a deep sigh

Oh how he moves me
The purity of my soul
The light of my spirit
The dreams of my heart
My cello

Inspired by listening to the beautiful sound of the cello played by Nicholas Yee in his collaborated cover with Sam Yang (the pianist) in their rendition for “La La Land Medley”

Link to video:

The Woman in Blue

Winter time sadness by ichigopaul23 via


Dressed in a cloak was this woman in blue,
She beckoned me and whispered,”Oh dear little Sue”,
“Yes milady”, I reply blushing under the summer gaze,
Her green eyes causing me a mezmerising daze,

“Do bring me the book, it is by the window,”
she said pointing with her gloved laced hand,
I dusted the soils of my frock and stood in command,
I recall that tattered book, red-leathered and old,
She never let me near it but I did as I was told,

Then I realized I was but a mere child of 8 so careless, naive, not-a-care and free,
Dismissing the absurd thought, I ran by the glistening sea,
I cross the lawn and into the house seeing the prize I seek at heart,
But before I could seize it and touch it, I awoke with a start,
Who was she and who was I, these questions still bothers me so,
I dreamt it so vividly not too long ago.


Full Moon

Glowing Full Moon by Temporalvisions via



I see you peeking thru the curtains at my window pane,
Marveled at your beauty not an ounce of vain.
A special treat tonight you showed up thirteen times this year,
Glorious full moon, you are shining so bright and oh! so clear!

Sometimes I wish I could touch you, and know the secrets you hold,
Of life, death and inbetweens this world has somewhat told.
I’m surely not alone in bathing in your rich rays delight,
Meditating in silence to be one with your reflected light.

Faceless to those busy in their lives’ pressure and goals,
I wish they’d take the time to revel in you so they’d know their true roles.
After all her fullness happens once in some 28 days,
You might never know the magic of watching the beauty of the full moon’s gaze.


The last of her love demands to be felt,
A candle of hope she fears may melt.
I watched her quietly reading her story marked across her face,
A claimed victim of dominance has fallen from grace.
For once her innocence meets the end,
Her prayer for death a luxury, few can't comprehend.

Suffer by bellabrooke via

Angry Dish

Anger by darkpi via


I had anger for breakfast
such cold bitter truth
Antagonising by virtue
from my head down to my foot
My heart, my lungs held prisoner
in the tightly siezed chest
Doubts shrouds the owner
of these body’s silent protest

It pains, I must vent
There is no other way out
Should I opt for inevitable chaos
to explode with a shout
I knew I had the power to choose
the wholesome nutritious dish
But I gobbled it quick, the fatty unhealthy
How stupid, I blame, my irrational wish

Regret comes forth
a burning aftertaste
Oh! Anger you fooled me
I hope I won’t  make haste
The next time, I remind myself
to remember this rage’s punch
Moving on, I am famished
I wonder what’s in store for lunch?